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The Final Weeks

(Before I begin this probably very boring for you/definitely self-indulgent for me post, let me preface by saying I know what a blessing pregnancy is and how genuinely thrilled I am to be getting to do it all again and that no matter how/when this baby enters the world, I'll give no care, just so long as he is here, smelling of that incredibly addicting new baby scent, ah.) okay here goes:

Greetings from the couch of a lady late in her third trimester! I'm my worst self during the last four to six weeks of pregnancy.  I'm uncomfortable. I'm not sleeping well. I'm peeing every hour on the hour. I'm braxton-hicksing like a mother. I'm eating antacids like candy. I can't do anything longer than 3.5 minutes unless I take long breaks in between to heavy breathe. Aaaand it's right around the time I start googling all the things tagged with "signs of labor" like a true idiot.
All of this combined with staring at the calendar to see how close/far I am away from possibly (fingers-crossed) going into labor, along with tearing up over how much I enjoy the little kicks, all the hiccups, and the big belly poking out under all my shirts. I'm a bit of a mood swinging monster. Sorry fam.
 With both Gus and Birdie I was induced a week post due date. Third time around I'm hoping I can hold out long enough to be able to send a real, honest "honey come on home, I'm in labor!" text message. A pregnant girl can/will dream.
I'm 36 weeks on Thursday. 36 weeks marks the first day of my typical jump off of the "pregnancy is fine! I just need to sit down" pedestal and into the great eye-rolling, moody "get this thing out of me! I can't stop sweating when I stand and peeing when I sneeze" abyss. Ugly Truth.

So in order to stop my transformation into pregnant momster I decided to come up with a plan. My idea is to map out daily happy events to look forward to and to maintain the positive for the next four-six weeks. My doctor's appointments are now weekly so Fridays are devoted to the excitement that is hearing a sweet thumping heartbeat! :) The rest of the days will be filled as such:

Thursday: Create something
Friday: Prenatal appointment!
Saturday: Eat something delicious
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Tidy little spaces
Tuesday: Update ye olde blog
Wednesday: Wear something pretty

Hopefully this plan will tame the big bad swollen-ankled monster I usually become and help me go out in more of a delicate, graceful, glowing picture of pregnancy. Or at least keep my mind busy enough to not start googling things. Fingers crossed.